Sell iTunes gift card and Get cash

AFRBTC is the best site to sell your gift cards. We give the best rates for the gift card and pay within minutes. On AFRBTC we provide cash, naira, as well. We are peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling. Our objective is to simplify the purchase of by connecting sellers with buyers. We offer numerous methods of payment also.

Planning to give iTunes gift cards can be a nice gift to your friend as they can exchange these gift cards to something from the apple store. And if they don’t want to buy anything they can sell iTunes gift cards for something else or convert iTunes gift card to money. However you should have a trustworthy website to do so. And AFRBTC is the right place because we trust that there is no inheritance that is as rich as genuineness. We give the best rates for iTunes gift cards and other similar gift cards like Amazon, steam. also trade with naira and ethereum.

You can sell any unused prepaid gift cards on afrbtc. Your iTunes gift card will be listed in front of thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell your cards set the price. Depending upon the popularity of your iTunes gift cards you can adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

Once your gift card has been a showcase in the marketplace and someone is interested in purchasing it the buyer will receive your iTunes gift card code. And then redeems iTunes gift card. This completes the transaction by rating the sale proceeds and amount is deposited in your account.

Make sure you provide all information so that buyers will be aware fully of what they are purchasing. Only after payment is made and verified send your card to the buyer. We provide transparent transaction and there are no hidden fees. Fund processing period varies depending on your account. But we are committed to making sure our customers will receive amount within few minutes of the sale.

We give you the best trading experience. To sell iTunes gift cards, to redeem iTunes gift cards and convert it into money all these are carried out securely and safely. We purchase physical cards, e-codes. We pay in money naira.

Our dealings are reasonable hence you are trading with a trustworthy dealer. You can sell iTunes gift cards for naira, trade Amazon gift cards for cash, exchange Wal-Mart gift cards, sell steam wallet gift cards, and sell money. We also trade google play gift cards sell target cards, sell RMB for naira. You may give us an advantage of uncertainty and have a secure trade.

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