Sell iTunes Gift Card for Cash Payment instantly.

Want a reliable website to sell iTunes gift card for cash? Look no further as you have hit the right place! AFRBTC offers you the fair opportunity to make you earn cash fast against unused iTunes gift cards. We make it super convenient for you to get good rates to sell iTunes gift card for cash which you have got as a present from your friends/family on birthdays.

Sell iTunes Gift Card on our website hassle free. You can sell the different types of iTunes gift cards like Physical Gift Cards, Digital Cards or the Conditional Gift Cards. In order to sell iTunes gift card fast you need to set a price limit. It could lie between 2% and 15% of the original amount. Later on, this price may be increased or decreased in order to get genuine buyers.

How Our Service of Sell iTunes Gift Card for Cash Works?

The process is quite simple indeed. First, you have to provide your card details. Fill in all the details correctly so that the buyers are clear about the purchase they are making. After that, we will go through it carefully and get back if necessary, for any other details, like a photo of the actual card in case of physical iTunes Gift Card. If we find that everything is right, we will get back to you with a tempting offer.

Once you accept our offer, you will get paid for it instantly. Verify the payment made and send the iTunes gift card to the buyer. Money is instantly credited to your wallet. You can use Paypal, Bank account or money for the purpose of requesting a payout. Buyers can negotiate on the price with you using the chat or messaging services. You are free to take the decision regarding the sale of iTunes Gift Card.

You could accept or reject the offer made by the buyer. Once the payment proceedings are successfully completed and there are no disputes raised, you will receive a message acknowledging the same. A transaction fee of 5% will be charged on the final selling price and it will be deducted from your payout.

When you sell iTunes gift card here, we authenticate the gift card put on sale, depending on its type.

Physical Gift Card – Apart from the details of the gift card we may ask you for an image of the card for validation purpose.

Digital Gift Card – We shall validate these gift card in consultation with the principal institution.

Conditional Gift Card – There should be clear instruction on the usage of these gift card since it could only be used at specified outlets and for a particular type of transaction.

Why Trust Us?

We are driven by the team of professionals who excel in offering unrivalled customer service. The best part is that you can get your hands on the amazing offers if you sell iTunes gift card for cash which you can’t avail from anywhere else. Moreover there are no listing and membership fees. After you have successfully made a sale and received the payment, you will be required to pay a small fee from the proceeds of the sale.

We make sure that you receive the payment from the buyer securely. We ensure to protect you from all types of chargebacks or frauds that could happen during the transaction. Try our service and we bet you that you will come to us time to time again. So, what are you waiting for? Just sell iTunes gift card for cash with us today!

Our Request

If you plan to change your mind and do not want to sell iTunes gift card, please make sure that the post is deleted from our site.

Only valid gift card will be posted as a check will be done before sending it to the buyer. If it fails then the payment will not be transferred to your account and you cannot sell iTunes gift card.

Terms of use of iTunes gift card should be mentioned clearly to the buyers so that no dispute regarding the transaction can come up later.

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